Festival Performance Program

Main Stage

2PM – 3PM

Mikhail Shirpal, vocals, sopilka (Ukrainian instrument), saxophone, clarinet
Alexander Manuelian, bass guitar
Vladislav Belostotsky, percussion
Igor Pohis, guitar
Olin Langlois, vocals, keyboard
Natasha Dukach, violin
Yuriy Galibov, accordion

Stephan Zaets, bandura
Olga Abakumova, soprano

Ukrainian Podolyanochka
Everyone Dances
Led by Vladimir Foygelman

MAF Children’s Vocal Ensemble
Misha Velickovic, Emily Rubinstein, Lisa Padure, Lena Manea, Taisia and Alicia Muchula, Aryna

3PM – 4PM

Mikhaylo Rosa, guitar

Olga Patramanska/Maria Gorkun

Ilya Demba, vocals

Fashion Show by Designers:

Designers: Svitlana Rozghon, Marianne Nielsen, Yana Berestova

4PM – 5PM

Fashion Show of Ukrainian designers:

Designers: Olga Patalakh, Tanya Dadashyan

Official Part of the Festival/Speeches/Anthem

Zolotyj Promin Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

5PM – 6PM

David Gvinianidze, baritone

Zolotyj Promin Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Olga Lisovska, soprano

Zolotyj Promin 3rd dance

Alexandre Zazarashvili, vocals


6PM – 7PM

Zhenya Didenko, dance

Runa, vocals

Zhenya Didenko, dance

7PM – 8PM

Ludmila Koval band

Ludmila Koval, vocals

Igor Minustin, bass

Biographies of artists and designers
Alexandre Zazarashvili

Aleksandre is a young Georgian Star-boy, who became very famous and successful at a very young age, his parents remember him singing since he was three years old, and after that, he won a lot of competitions, He was only 12 years old when he became the winner of the voice of kids, Ukraine, and was named as the #1 male vocalist in the world’s voice kids history, by Voice Global. His videos on Youtube Have up to 200 million views, and now he continues his successful career in the United States Of America, Where, very famous vocal coach Cheryl Porter became his Coach & Best Friend.


Marianna Nielsen

Marianna Nielsen was born in Zakarpattia, Ukraine.
She studied sewing and pattern making from various teachers in US and Europe. Marianna designs and makes custom wedding gowns and special occasion dresses in her home studio in Bedford, NH.

MIkhailo Rosa
Natasha Dukach

Natasha Dukach is a co-founder and the Executive Director of “Cash For Refugees,” a Boston-based nonprofit that provides financial support to internally displaced families and refugees in Ukraine since February 26, 2022. She recently graduated from Boston University School of Public Health with an MS degree in Population Health Research: Epidemiology. She is also a professional violinist and holds an MM degree in violin performance, orchestra, and music pedagogy from Kharkiv National University of Arts (Ukraine).

Olga Lisovska

Native of Kyiv, Ukraine, Olga Lisovska holds degrees from Middlebury College, École Normale de Musique d’A. Cortot in Paris, France and L’Institut des Sciences Politiques in Paris, France.  A critically acclaimed classical singer, Olga’s career involves both singing on prestigious concert stages, including Carnegie Hall, and producing successful projects with Talents of the World, an international concert organization. Olga produced award-winning opera productions at Commonwealth Lyric Theater, a Boston-based opera company, and Talents of the World’s Annual Music Festival at Carnegie Hall.  As a performer, Ms. Lisovskaya’s concerts have been featured on Ukrainian, Italian and American TV.  Olga is also a founder of a nonprofit organization, Music, Arts and Fashion Productions.  Being a passionate connector, Olga serves as Managing Partner at Sky International Center, the largest international social, cultural and business network of 25,000 members in New England. Ms. Lisovska is a sought-after voice teacher. As diction coach she works with Tanglewood Festival Chorus at Boston Symphony, Odyssey Opera, and New England Conservatory. Since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Olga has partnered up with a team of friends to found Sky Philanthropy, a non-profit organization, which seeks to support people in crisis.  Current mission is to help as many Ukrainian children and adults with humanitarian aid, accommodations for refugees and medical assistance as possible.

Olga’s life purpose is to inspire positive change through connections for life, coaching and art performances.  www.OlgaLisovskaya.com

Olga Patramanska

Olga Patramanska-Bell was born and raised in Ukraine, where she received her musical education. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree at the R.M. Glier Kyiv State Higher Music College and studying a few years at the National Musical Academy of Ukraine, she came to Boston to continue her education at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received her Masters of Music degree under the quidance of Mr. Mark Lakirovich Olga is an active performer and participant in numerous concerts, projects and festivals. She is a winner of the Concerto competition and Honors competition at the Longy School of Music, and has performed as a soloist with the Longy Chamber Orchestra, National Pops Symphony Orchestra, and Philharmonia Orchestra in Ukraine. Olga is a winner of several competitions in Ukraine and has travelled through Europe performing solo recitals and playing in violin ensemble. Olga has been actively teaching in the Greater Boston Area and currently is a member of Zefira Piano Trio and Juventas New Music Ensemble. Past engagements include playing with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphony New Hampshire, Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Walden Chamber Music Players, ECCE ensemble, Sound Icon, Grand Harmonie, Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra, Equilibrium Ensemble, Boston New Music Initiative, Boston Opera Collaborative, Harvard’s Lowell House Opera, and Commonwealth Lyric Theater.

Mariia Gorkun

Mariia Gorkun enjoys a reputation as a talented and versatile violinist who has traveled to many countries to share her passion for playing music. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Mariia has regular recitals and concerts as soloist as well as a part of various ensembles and orchestras in Ukraine and USA; Mariia has toured in Ukraine, USA, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Holland, Australia, Japan, etc. Mariia’s musical career took her to various concert venues including Lincoln Center, United Nations Headquarter in NYC and Carnegie Hall. She often is offered a concertmaster position in the professional level orchestras, as well as the leading role in numerous chamber ensembles. Mariia holds two Masters Degrees in Violin performance; she studied and took masterclasses with many celebrated musicians including: Yaroslava Rivnyak, Jaap Schroder, Mark Lakirovich, etc.

Apart from playing the violin, Mariia is currently pursuing a career of a bow maker; until recently, she had been working with one of the most important American bow makers David Hawthorne; currently she set up her own shop at her house in Andover, MA.

Stela Padure

Stela Padure, born in Moldova, immigrated to Boston with her family 11 years ago. Stela is active in sharing with others the culture of Moldova by organizing various events within the community, as well as outside of it.

When the war in Ukraine started, Stela managed the fundraising of $7,000 through the company she currently works at-Peabody Properties. The money was transferred to CCF Moldova, where she used to work as a Child Protection Officer. CCF is presently a leading support for refugee children.

Stela and her family are grateful for the opportunity to help with the organization of the Ukrainian Festival. She will also be joining the chorus in singing the Ukrainian Anthem.

Stephan Zaets

Stephan Zaets is a Ukrainian-American bandurist currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout his 10 plus years with the instrument, Stephan has strove to maintain Ukrainian culture through the preservation of folk songs. This had led Stephan to learn from some of the best bandurists from Ukraine, the United States and Canada. He is one of the youngest members of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of America, a 103 year old organization originating from Kyiv, Ukraine. Throughout his years in the chorus, he has performed in countless prestigious venues including Massey Hall in Toronto, Lincoln Arts Center in New York City, and the Kyiv Philharmonic Theater in Kyiv. Stephan currently leads the ensemble’s “banduraLAB” project and has taught at various bandura camps and workshops throughout North America.

Jenya Didenko

Jenya started dancing at a very young age. In addition to ballroom dancing, she was also
learning ballet, contemporary dance and hip-hop. From her early years, Jenya loved to
choreograph and teach others to dance. When she was only 16, her students were winners
and finalists at many Ukrainian competitions and dance talent shows. In 2010 Jenya moved to the USA. After 4 year of dancing as amateur, Jenya became professional dancer and instructor.

Her accomplishments include: Twin Cities Open Ballroom Champion The Commonwealth
Classic Champion Dancing a la Carte Champion Nashville Stars Champion.

Ludmyla Koval Band

The Ludmyla Koval Band has been performing the East Coast of the United States since 2014, featuring Ukrainian culture at a wide variety of music festivals and events. 

They are excited to join our cause and to introduce the beauty and emotional power of Ukrainian songs, which Ludmyla, a native of Ukraine, has been harmonizing since her childhood. 

Please join us to witness this music to take on a new, deeper meaning and to shine through today’s turbulent times. 

Ludmyla Koval – vocals

Anastasiya Plotnikova – vocals

Sergiy Shlepakov – guitar

Dmytro Nazarenko – guitar

Igor Minustin – bass

Boris Zeldin – drums


Mikhail Shirpal band (Ryasno)

We are very excited that the Festival will be opened at 2PM by the amazing band “Ryasno,” consisting of talented musicians and vocalists from the Boston area:
Mikhail Shirpal, vocals, sopilka (Ukrainian instrument), saxophone, clarinet

Alexander Manuelian, bass guitar

Vladislav Belostotsky, percussion

Igor Pohis, guitar

Olin Langlois, vocals, keyboard

Natasha Dukach, violin

Yuriy Galibov, accordion

Zolotyj Promin

Ukrainian dance is not only beautiful and colorful, but also quite demanding physically! Please welcome Zolotyj Promin Ukrainian Dance Ensemble from Hartford, CT.

Famous choreographer and dancer Orlando Pagan has been Zolotyj Promin’s Artistic Director since 1995.

MAF Children’s Vocal Ensemble
Samuel Vartan

Samuel Vartan is the founder/CEO of Samuel Vartan Collections which was founded and established in Montreal, Canada in 2001. The Samuel Vartan brand is a collection of high end luxury apparel with European influences and styling ….. The line could be described as a modern yet classic sophisticated minimalist chic silhouettes with eclectic accents giving the brand its unique looks. Samuel Vartan Collections produces 2 collections annually consisting of Spring/Summer/Resort and Autumn/Winter pieces for predominantly womens wear but does produce some pieces for men as well.

Samuel Vartan is a designer of proud Armenian heritage born in Athens, Greece who later moved to Beirut, Lebanon and ultimately coming to Montreal, Canada in 1968. Growing up in Montreal the designer would graduate in Film & Communications studies while fronting his own alternative rock band through out the 80’s. Vartan would ultimately move to Boston, Ma. in 2003 after marrying a local girl .

The Samuel Vartan brand is sold to select high end free standing boutiques across Canada and key cities here in the U.S.A. Currently Vartan’s creations could be found at At Cozy Boutique in the Chestnut Hill Mall in Chestnut Hill, Ma.

Select pieces can also found on their website at: www.samuelvartan.com

Yana Berestova
I’m Yana Berestova and I am a fashion designer from Ukraine.  Probably everyone’s dream is for them hobby to grow into a profession, but for me it’s a real meditation!  I have always been interested in fashion and style, and I have been designing clothes since I was young.  Initially, these were dresses for me, relatives and friends, and after that they turned into orders.  My products emphasize the femininity, sophistication and sexuality of their owners. Due to the war, I was forced to leave Ukraine a couple of months ago, inspired by the numerous support and interest in my creation, I continue to do what I love here in Boston. I’m very happy to present a couple of my dresses at the Boston Annual Ukrainian Festival and Independence Day Celebration, so grateful for the invitation, support and kindness to Natasha Sky and Olga Lisovska!!!
You can contact me through this link:
Svitlana Rozghon
Svitlana Rozghon brings her talent and passion from many years as a fashion designer, sewing and craft instructor, as well as high-end clothing manufacturer.
With a love of finding the perfect look just for you, she’ll help to create a customized garment with matching accessories to make you feel resplendent on your special day!
Svitlana has over 20 years of experience with wedding dress alterations and a trusted name in Cape Ann for the past 8 years. 
Olga Abakumova

Winner of international competitions, Olga Abakumova is a brilliant coloratura soprano, who was a soloist with Chernihiv and Khmelnytsky Philharmony before she recently moved to the USA.

Anastasia Dmitrova
Sandy M Galan Frei
Andrea Abella Marie
Anna Anna
Berenice Charrez
Lilia Advent
Yana Berestova
Melanie Agne
Olga Patalakh
Olga Brighman
Ivanna Ravlyuk

Thank you to The Village Bank for supporting Boston Annual Ukrainian Festival!

With a proud history spanning more than a century, The Village Bank is now the only remaining mutual community bank headquartered in the City of Newton.


Thank you to Ukrainian Federal Credit Union for supporting Ukraine through Boston Annual Ukrainian Festival!

Ukrainian Federal Credit Union (UFCU) is a U.S. financial institution and member deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. federal agency. UFCU offers personal and business financial services including savings and checking accounts, share certificates, loans, mortgages, VISA credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and online and mobile banking.


Thank you to Supermarkets “BazaAr” for sponsoring Ukrainian food for the Boston Annual Ukrainian Festival. www.bazaarsupermarkets.com

Thank you to Boston University for hosting the Boston Annual Ukrainian Festival and for their generous support!

Thanks to Brightcove, Inc for providing equipment and expertise for Live Streaming the Festival!

Brighton ADHC is a sponsor of the Boston Annual Ukrainian Festival.

Thank you to Fermentation Fab Arts for their contribution to the Boston Annual Ukrainian Festival. 

At FERMENTATION ARTS BREWERY our mission is to share with you artistic fermentations powered by biotransformation, experimentation, and meticulous brewcraft to push the boundaries of what is possible in beer. We focus on producing world class New England IPAs and biotransformed lagers.

Thank you to Ukrainian Selfreliance New England Federal Credit Union for their support of the Festival!

For over sixty years Credit Union served the Ukrainian Community in a commendable manner. Adhering to the old Credit Union motto: Not for profit, not out of charity, but for providing service to the members, our Board of Directors and management are continuously striving to provide our members the best service and products possible.


Thank you to the Good Shepherd Community Care for their support of the Festival and donation to Ukraine!

Good Shepherd Community Care is one of the most trusted health care organizations in Greater Boston focusing on hospice and palliative care. Founded as Hospice of the Good Shepherd in 1978, they are the original Massachusetts hospice. After decades of caring for our community, they continue to remain community-based, not-for-profit and non-sectarian.


The Festival is funded in part by Mass Cultural Council Grant.

Thank you to Ready Maids for their financial contribution to Ukraine! Ready Maids is your premier choice for reliable residential and commercial cleaning services in the Greater Seacoast and South-Central NH

We are a professional, trustworthy locally owned cleaning company that uses eco-friendly products and with great ratings and reviews. We are honored to be your trusted source to help keep your property healthy and clean!

Dameer Semiravira
Carl Rutman
Servio Garcia
Festival Committee:
Olga Lisovskaya – Founders of the charity organization Sky Philanthropy, Organizers of the festival
Natasha Babushkina – Founders of the charity organization Sky Philanthropy, Organizers of the festival
Yulia Vorotnuk – Social media Manager
Yana Berestova – Intern, Co-organizer
Giorgia Clemente – Intern, Co-organizer
Alina Yuhymchuk – Graphic Designer, Web Designer
Igor Minustin – Stage Manager 
Ludmila Koval – Co-organizer


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